Investment Strategy


EIF plans to attract local and international investors and partner with leading global operators and innovative developers to boost the events industry in the culture, tourism, entertainment, and sports sectors. The fund will spur partnerships between private and public sectors.


EIF follows an active but finely focused investment approach.  While we conceptualize, structure, and finance our assets, we depend on the skill and experience of local and international private sector partners to construct, and then operate those assets. EIF believes in leveraging the expertise and capabilities of the private sector to its full potential, while ensuring those assets fulfil their wider national development objectives. EIF is a government sponsored investment fund that follows a private sector approach to investment and profitability to safeguard the financial sustainability of its assets though their lifecycle.


EIF does not only offer investment opportunities in its assets. Each asset sits within a larger masterplan. We will work with private sector interests to develop the surrounding areas of our assets, using the EIF projects as a launching pad for a wider economic and social impact in the region.


EIF creates value not only in the venues it develops, but also within the wider community. The iconic venues we build will boost the appeal of the surrounding area: attracting footfall, increasing the value of the surrounding land and real estate, and creating demand for further development. This includes hospitality, retail, food and beverages. This organic economic growth will then create additional and ongoing opportunities for developers and investors.